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Dave Nicolson


ISBN-13: 978-0-9547068-2-1 (ISBN: 0-9547068-2-X)

Paperback, 216 pages, 113 illustrations, 2006

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The third volume in this popular series, containing 14 previously unpublished interviews with '50s and '60s hitmakers Solomon Burke, Gene Chandler, Bruce Channel, Lowell Fulson, Jet Harris, Gene McDaniels, Scott McKenzie, Gary S. Paxton, Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, Jimmie Rodgers, Gary Troxel of the Fleetwoods, Leroy Van Dyke and Junior Walker.



"I haven't read this one yet, but I'm looking forward to it!  Both the other books [On The Road and On The Road Again] were much like an extension of Blue Suede News - each chapter is like one of our best articles." Blue Suede News (Winter 2006-07)


"Nicolson is good at getting his subjects to open up, giving them free reign to tell their stories, seemingly without the problems one can get sometimes by asking a one line question and getting a one word answer.  (Nicholson's words, often amusingly put, in the introduction struck a particular cord personally.)  In consequence, the stories flow well as the acts tell their tales in a no-holds-barred fashion...  Who can resist the tales told by Gary Paxton in a chapter appropriately titled 'Survivor', and then go on to the pages devoted to Bobby 'Boris' Pickett, whose legendary novelty hit 'Monster Mash' was produced by Paxton for his Garpax label?  Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with pictures old and new, label scans and reproductions of music industry magazine ads." In The Basement (February 2007)


"On December 29th, 1980, Gary S. Paxton opened his door to two men asking for help jump-starting their car.  The next moment, he was in a fight for his life. "The guy in the front seat jumped on my lap and stuck a .38 right between my eyes... I knocked the gun away and he blew part of one of my fingers off... somehow I got the gun turned around and shot him in the chest... the guy on in the back seat picked up the gun and, as I was crawling toward the street, emptied the gun in my back..."  The assassination attempt on the man best known as the producer of 'Monster Mash' makes the third volume of Dave Nicolson's oral histories the liveliest yet."  Classic American (February 2007)


"In his third volume of previously unpublished interviews... Dave Nicolson examines artists from the '60s.  Not all were blessed with the glittering careers they dreamed of, and the stories are strongest when Nicolson examines how the subjects fill the void that music has left, such as Gary S. Paxton's time working as a minister, or Gene McDaniels' attempts at screenwriting."  Record Collector (March 2007)


"Everyone has a good story to tell... the list of those who Dave was able to contact is quite diverse, with a little more in common than that they were all well and truly ripped off in their early days.  However, if that was the price to pay for (in most cases) the one big hit, then so be it.  In hindsight, all are agreed it was a price worth paying.  There is no ill feeling, no lasting resentment, just a great deal of gratitude for the fifteen minutes of fame which gave them a lasting place on the stage and a decent living.  And that is the tone of much of the book."  Now Dig This (March 2007)


"If you have a passing taste for late 1950s and early 1960s pop music, and you have the previous two volumes, then it would be a shame not to have the set."  Blues & Rhythm (March 2007)


"These are fresh and enlightening individual accounts of life on the road and off the stage.  It's not all fresh air and laughter; it's more down to earth and gritty.  To have compiled the strories is a feat in itself, but to have persuaded the artists  to cooperate deserves another medal."  The Beat (May 2007)


"A labour of love from a man with a wide taste in popular music."  Juke Blues (May 2007)


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