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George R. White


ISBN-13: 978-0-9562679-6-2

Paperback, 320 pages, 651 illustrations, 2014

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Fully revised and expanded second edition of the only chart book dedicated to British Hit EPs.
Originally conceived as sort-of 'mini LP', the four-track extended play album or 'EP' achieved mass popularity in the late 1950s and early 1960s, later enjoying a revival during the punk/new wave era of the mid-1970s.  Attractively packaged in glossy colour sleeves and often containing rare material, EPs also rapidly acquired a following among discerning music fans and record collectors that continues to the present day.
Includes a history of the format, an artist-by-artist listing of every 7-inch hit EP from 1955 to 1989 (with full track details for each record), a trivia section, the official UK EP charts week by week, and much more.  Profusely illustrated with over 600 sleeve shots.


"Lovers of trivia and chart researchers will have a ball."  Now Dig This (April 2014)


"Everything a music fan would want to know about all the EPs... It provides an in-depth look at a little bit of musical history."  The Beat (June 2014)

What the critics said about the first edition:

"This lavishly-illustrated book fills a long standing gap in the history of the British pop music charts.  This is a pretty thorough work... with as much detail as you could wish for.   If you must have everything about your particular favourite artist and he or she is in the book, this is a must."  In Tune International (November 2001)


"George White's neat little book... offers lots of lists (and personally, as a self-confessed vinyl anorak, I love this sort of thing!) not to mention a host of facts and figures, as well as reproducing charts... Running to just over 250 pages and generously illustrated... this book offers good value for money and ought to give you many hours of pleasurable browsing, as well as being a useful adjunct to your collection."  Now Dig This (November 2001)


"Discographies and label listings are usually characterised by either being dry as a bone or endlessly fascinating.  It all depends on who's doing the compiling.  George's approach to his subject maintained a very high level of my interest throughout.  Herein you will find every conceivable musical - and non-musical - style from grand opera to punk, taking in Pinky & Perky en route.  The information is presented in an extremely clear and easy-to-follow manner using an exceptionally readable typeface - a minor but often neglected point.  There is much to interest anyone who has the slightest interest in UK chart history... an extremely useful reference work which also manages to be an absorbing read."  Blues & Rhythm (November 2001)


"An excellent book... gloriously illustrated... attractive full colour cover.  This publication easily surpasses the Guinness-published EP chapters in their 1984 Hits Of The 60s book, and is highly recommended to all 60's music fans/collectors and researchers alike."  60's Scene (December 2001)


"A chart reference book with a new angle... well researched, annotated and illustrated.  Top marks all round."  Record Collector (November 2003)


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