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Dave Nicolson


ISBN-13: 978-0-9562679-2-4

Paperback, 208 pages, 40 illustrations, 2011

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As a founder member of the world's most successful instrumental group, the Shadows, and a chart-topper in his own right, bassist Jet Harris scaled the heights of superstardom in the 1960s.  A helpless alcoholic for most of his adult life, he also sank to unimaginable depths of despair, leaving a string of broken hearts and shattered lives in his wake.


In this unauthorised biography author Dave Nicolson examines his eventful life and career, and how he eventually overcame his addiction to the bottle and fought his way back to centre stage.  In the second part of the book, a series of revealing interviews with those friends and artists who knew him best – Cliff Richard, Bruce Welch, Tony Meehan, Brian 'Licorice' Locking, Billie Davis and others – completes this unique and intimate portrait of a music legend.


"Astounding."  The Beat (June 2011)

“Although classed as an unofficial biography, in total the book chronicles the life and career of one of the British icons of the musical world.  It is a brilliant read.”  euVue – Showbiz & Entertainment (August 2011)


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