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The Chuck Berry

International Directory

(Volume 4)

Morten Reff

For the heavyweight Berry fan.  Everything you ever wanted to know about Chuck Berry, in four enormous volumes compiled by the world-renowned Norwegian Berry collector and authority, Morten Reff.  Comprehensively annotated, with dozens of illustrations of rare record labels and sleeves, etc.

This volume contains:

20 (continued) - Cover Versions A-Z

21 - Cover Hits (covers of Chuck Berry songs that appeared on hit singles, EPs and albums)

22 - Cover Versions in the Movies (cover versions of Chuck Berry songs in movies)

23 - Cover Versions on TV

24 - No Chuck (songs that look like they might be by Chuck Berry, but are not)

25 - Soundalikes (over 900 soundalike recordings, including many rarities) + Soundalikes A-Z

26 - Chuck Berry Karaoke (singalongachuck)

27 - Games (games featuring Chuck Berry's image or music)

Additions to Volumes 1, 2 and 3 (over 100 pages of new Berry fax 'n' info)

Corrections to Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Index 1 - Chuck Berry Releases by Song/Album Title

Index 2 - Chuck Berry Releases by Label


"A staggering amount of work has gone into this whole project and Morten Reff is to be congratulated in his dogged determination to catalogue it all." Now Dig This

"The work is one of monumental scope, painstaking research and execution."  Blues & Rhythm

"Here's Volume 4, and I've gotten more enjoyment out of this volume even than the first three, because of the large selection of soundalike recordings. It's entirely impossible for this section to be anywhere near complete, but I really enjoyed looking... Chuck Berry's legacy as "the father of rock'n'roll" (his own term, not mine) does indeed call for extensive coverage in books, and this may the most effective way to delineate his influence after all... For anyone thinking of becoming a Chuck Berry Collector, these books are the place to start."  Blue Suede News


Published: 31 July 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9547068-9-0

Format: Paperback

Edition: First

Extent: 546 pages

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

RRP: £30.99

Our price: £26.99 + p&p

Save £4.00 (approx 13%)

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The Chuck Berry International Directory (Volume 4)