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Elvis & Buddy

Linked Lives

Alan Mann

The achievements of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly have been extensively documented, but until now little if anything has been known about the many ways in which their lives were interconnected. For the first time anywhere, rock'n'roll expert Alan Mann, author of The A-Z of Buddy Holly, takes a detailed look at each artist's early years, comparing their backgrounds and influences, chronicling all their meetings and examining the many amazing parallels in their lives, careers and tragic deaths. Contains many rare and previously unpublished photos. A fascinating, thought-provoking insight into two of the greatest popular musical figures of the twentieth century.


"A fine mix of interesting stuff. There is great detail on Buddy and Elvis' meetings in Lubbock, Texas (and yes, the text of the Elvis letter is shown where he claimed he did not meet Buddy!) with a great contribution from Jerry Allison. The book is interspersed with 'musical interludes' comparing Buddy and Elvis songs recorded around similar times or in similar styles - a great idea and a new approach to the music. All this... and some new photos! In brief, I can only summarise by saying: yes, this book is another "must have" from Alan Mann. Enjoy!" Down The Line - The Official Magazine of the British Buddy Holly Society

"The most fascinating aspect of Linked Lives is in the large amount of peripheral detail that emerges from the basic theme. Did you know that Elvis' version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" is a direct copy of Al Jolson's original 1926 recording, or that the song was also a hit of a certain Vaughn Deleath in 1927? Then you have the female 'answer' records that Presley's record spawned - "Yes, I'm Lonesome Tonight" and so on; and to interconnect this subject with Elvis and Buddy, it is noted that the latter 'answered' his own record "Peggy Sue" with "Peggy Sue Got Married".  All of this so-called trivia will keep you turning the pages."  Record Collector

"The author's soul-bonding strategy is certainly an original one... Allowing for some of the inferences being more feasible than others, Alan has managed to home in on a great many thought-provoking parallels.  So much so, that I was inspired to add a little more fuel to the fire by commenting that each artist not only played a blonde Gibson J-200 acoustic, they strummed their instruments in a remarkably similar manner... Little-known facts emerge, such as Buddy teaching Elvis the lyrics to the Drifters' "Money Honey" backstage at the Cotton Club in Lubbock, and Elvis offering to furnish Buddy with an introduction to the management of the Louisiana Hayride... The photo galleries are astutely compiled, with one or two coming straight out of the 'never-before-seen' department. Two thumbs up also for the glossary of biogs that form the conclusion: they are well-written and up-to-the-minute in their content."  Elvis - The Man & His Music

"An interesting attempt to compare the lives of Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly... There certainly were links between Presley and Holly. Both were born around the same time - Elvis in 1935 and Buddy in 1936 - and both became rock'n'roll icons. Since the Southern states - be it Texas or Tennessee - were a veritable hot-bed for this new style of music, it was inevitable that many artists from this area would turn in that direction... The author has drawn together many facts from this period which present a compelling picture of the Fifties era. The reader learns exactly what it was like at that time and how it all came about... It is a book which I read with pleasure and which considerably expanded my understanding of the rock'n'roll era."  Rockin' Fifties  Translated from German

"I rarely have the inclination to read a whole book at one sitting.  However, that's exactly what I did with this excellent book about two of the biggest names in rock'n'roll history, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly. To be quite honest, I had not intended to go through the whole book in one go, but I became so absorbed in it that that's the way things worked out. And that's not a bad recommendation for any book!

     It is clear that author Alan Mann is a true fan of rock'n'roll and of both Elvis and Buddy. His enthusiasm and knowledge are apparent throughout the book. In addition, the illustrations are well chosen and there are several that I'm sure I have not seen before, including at least two of Elvis. The book further provides decent potted biographies of both men, without reverting to any extensive rehashing of what has already been written in numerous other publications, but pointing out similarities in their backgrounds and influences, including Elvis' clear influence on Holly. Elvis & Buddy rounds off with a glossary of personalities associated with the two singers - excellent stuff, providing useful and accurate information.  If you're a rock'n'roll fan, you can't be without this book!" Elvis In Print

"Another fascinating read from Alan Mann... I found it absorbing, although I'm no great Elvis fan. I was most impressed with the detailed coverage of the times when the two met up in Lubbock. Superb quality book with great photos."  Holly International

"Well written and interesting."  Crickets File


Published: 16 August 2002

ISBN: 978-0-9519888-5-5

Format: Paperback

Edition: First

Extent: 160 pages

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

RRP: £10.99

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Elvis & Buddy - Linked Lives