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More American Rock'n'Roll

The UK Tours 1973-84

Ian Wallis

Ian Wallis is a writer and promoter of authentic rock'n'roll music.  His previous book, American Rock'n'Roll: The UK Tours 1956-72, was published by Music Mentor Books in 2003, since when it has become universally accepted as the first serious study of live rock'n'roll music in Britain. Ian also jointly promotes the annual Rockers' Reunion Party, which is held every January in Reading.

Now at last, More American Rock'n'Roll: The UK Tours 1973-84 is here to continue the story and, as with the first volume, is crammed full of information about every American or Canadian rock'n'roller who visited Britain during that period. Each tour is examined in detail, with data culled from contemporary reports and eyewitness accounts. Extensive research ensures a high level of accuracy and there is a mouth-watering array of rare and unpublished photographs, show programmes, adverts, flyers and tickets to fully reflect the flavour of the time.

If you love rock'n'roll, you will wish to relive memories of all those nights spent in hot, sweaty clubs amongst the honking saxes, pounding pianos and twanging guitars. It is 'the greatest music in the world' and all those wonderful memories can be found again within these pages.


"Ian Wallis has amassed so much info, including many little known dates and tours by many that were unknown to me... It’s interesting to see that the fantastic Jackie Wilson actually appeared, would you believe, as support act for Showaddywaddy at Batley Variety Club! Like the first volume, this superb book  will be of interest to all rock’n’roll fans and continue to be a great source of reference... My copy of the first volume is now well dog-eared through the many times I’ve used it to check up on various people and dates, I suspect this second vol. is destined to end up in the same condition." Crickets File

"A thoroughly entertaining read. Excellent!" New Gandy Dancer

"What struck me immediately was the author's candidness, describing the year [1973] as being 'very far from vintage for rock'n'roll'. His objectivity right from the get-go in reviewing the fluctuating health of rock'n'roll in general, and the successes and failures of acts, tours and events, sets this book apart from the many mere fan books around... This book will entertain and fascinate the reader and should prove, as it did for me, something that is very difficult to put down once started... I suggest you treat yourself to this book as a matter of priority."  UK Rock'n'Roll Magazine

"How many people knew that the great Tony Williams, original lead with The Platters, played a bunch of dates here with his own line-up of the group in September/October 1974? lt's detail like this that makes this book so unique...  I only hope it's not another nine years before the next volume is published!"  Now Dig This

"Wallis' impressive chronology is chock-full of dates and précis of what went down in the mini US invasion. No name – or, indeed, town – is too small; there's even an appendix of since-discovered dates to be added to the first volume. His dedication to the cause is unparalleled." Record Collector

"This isn’t a book to read from cover to cover but a great one to dip into as the mood takes you. The first thing I did was to search for the gigs I’d seen and relive some great memories… Ian pulls no punches when needs be, and reports Berry’s lack-lustre nights as well as his triumphs. There is also a detailed (and amusing) description of Little Richard’s one and only disastrous tour during the period covered. As Ian puts it, ‘How could a man with so much talent make such a mess of it?" Blues & Rhythm

"With great pictures, posters, ticket stubs and, above all, lively descriptions of the shows, this chronological account of every visit to our shores by an American rock'n'roller truly brings to life an era when rock'n'roll proved it really was here to stay." Country Music People

"Ian - we give you both thumbs up!" American Music Magazine

"Packed with tons of info and photos. Hours and hours of wonderful reading." Fireball Mail


Published: 30 April 2012

ISBN: 978-0-9562679-3-1

Format: Paperback

Edition: First

Extent: 380 pages

Dimensions: 234 x 156 mm

RRP: £23.99

Our price: £20.99 + p&p

Save £3.00 (approx 13%)

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More American Rock'n'Roll